We create magic.

We understand the needs of our buyers and ignite the spark of interest towards our brands. With years of experience in shaping and communicating the unique visions of both emerging and established designers, we have a deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation. 


We connect the dots.

Our dedication lies with our designers to become market ready; our team creates a compelling dialogue between retailers and brands, along with their target audiences that are integrated across wholesale, e-commerce, and digital media.


We bring experience.

With expert knowledge of the industry and its ever changing landscape, we approach buyers and retailers to secure premium brand placement, exclusive collaborations, and large scale product partnerships. We know it is crucial that a collection be on target for the season, which is made possible through our privileged information and insights.


We inspire meaningful exchange.

We love to empower brands and emerging designers in various ways by offering trend direction and marketplace knowledge. We don’t just do sales -  we have our finger on the pulse of a constantly evolving marketplace. This insight into what’s in demand and what’s missing from the marketplace gives us the ability to curate collections that can be successfully marketed to our wide range of retailers.


We build brands.

Working enthusiastically with both established brands and emerging designers, our holistic approach to brand building encompasses design direction, progressive merchandising, as well as serving as a sounding board for our brands seeking guidance when cultivating a collection that's being driven by trend and price point.